Thermal display with softness

Posted by Junjie Hua on August 9, 2019

Soft thermal display and fireball game

I am going to develop a brand-new thermal display with softness. This display will be used for our fireball game.

The fireball game is a brand-new game which is different from any current game.

–>Current game is based on the visual stimulation-players act according to the visual changes in the screen or HMD(headmount display).

–>Our game is no longer based on visual stimulation any more. We foucus on thermal stimulation. In our idea, players will act according to the thermal changes on palms.

–>In our game, players sense the thermal change at the hands, which is related with power of the fireball. The hotter players sense, more powerful the fireball will be created. However, temperature of hand(or thermal display) does not change in linear relation–it changes nolinearly. Pl Players decide the timing to fire the fireball in their hands.

Our project will be devided into two parts–hardware and softwarre. I will develop the hardware and help my collegue with the development of software. Details will be available at this github repository

Our project will be demonstrated at Entertainment Computing 2019.

Development of soft thermal display

I am going to develop a brand-new soft thermal display. Traditoinal thermal displays usually use several peltier modules on a flat surface to realize display of the temperature. They are used mainly for the thermal experiment but can hardly applied into real world. So I am going to develop a new one that could be applied to real world.

And then I did


Development of the fireball experience